Please refer to the 2020-21 NBTSchools LinkIt Online Assessment Guidebook for test administration guidance.

LinkIt logins and class rosters ARE NOT managed by TCC. Do not submit a ticket for these issues, instead, email Amy Rumbo directly, as per her directive in all communications regarding LinkIt

Teacher Portal Login:

- Teachers can access the LinkIt! reporting platform ( from any school or home device in order to view rosters and reports; more information regarding reporting features, etc. will be forthcoming from department supervisors.

- Staff who were able to log in to LinkIt! last year, can use their same credentials as last year, and new staff can can use the following for logging in & viewing student data/reports:

  • username: first initial + last name (jdoe)
  • password:
    • unchanged from prior year
    • lost passwords can be reset from logon screen (or email Amy Rumbo)
    • New users will enter the password: Nbtschool!
      • You will be prompted to change your password and enter secret question information
        • Valid passwords must be at least seven characters long and consist of at least 1 uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number
        • Passwords may contain the special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + -

Problems/Concerns with logins, class roster, students testing: Amy Rumbo -

Reporting features: ELA & Math Supervisors (forthcoming)

District Technical/internet issues: Your school technician

Please also refer to our NBTSchools Assessments Resource site - use the LinkIt page for additional resources that will be posted and launched as we transition to this updated formative assessment and assessment data warehouse platform.