Scholastic Storia - How Teachers Assign Student Access

  1. Click Manage Access button on Student Access boxjoysFQ_xa7-v2ic9n7A5ckp7bk6ARgCYOm8HGKak_FOgtZF7VNM3qKSdN1WqwuwhGISCfHG0PKDQpFk1VpFSmlnGuthpAV3lQ3tQOvAE3QWzoZzmLD7C0Hqc1UmWTp3J4wNNCD6nR1WUfi5CUQ.png
  1. Check the Storia checkbox for All Students to grant all students access (or pick the students you need to add).


    19 February, 2021

    When I click to go to Storia from class link, it brings me to the scholastic page and says I need to activate my scholastic resource and prompts me to put in an access code. Some of my students are saying they do not have books to read on there and I have no way to access Storia to add books for them.